RatRod Computer Repair - If we don't know it is broken, How can we fix it.....
Computer Repair & Services:
  • Virus/Worm/Trojan/Spyware removal & prevention
  • Reduce unsolicited junk e-mail & pop-up ads
  • Diagnose and resolve slow downs and system errors
  • Upgrades (additional RAM memory, hard drive, CD/DVD drive, printer, digital camera, scanner, etc.)
  • DSL or Cable Broadband Internet set-up
  • Wireless or Wired Network Setup
  • New Computer Set Up - transferring old data to new computer (pictures, documents etc.)
  • Re-Load of software programs to new computer
  • Computer Maintenance (settings & cleanup)
  • Data Back-Up Solutions - ONline as well as connected to the computer
  • Software or hardware problems - Diagnosis and research
  • Laptop Repairs (Motherboard, Keyboard and Screen replacements)
Remote Help:
  • Utilizes Internet connection
  • Free downloadable software
  • Discounted Rates for this service
  • Can clean up your PC or do a virus scan
  • As long as you can get to the internet, we can get to you...
  • One on One (no classroom environment)
  • "Basic Computing" to more than just the "Basics"
  • CD/DVD Copying, Music or Data Backup
  • Show you how to arrange your desktop, set your background or screen saver
  • Utilizing a computer based scanner or copier
  • How to use a Digital Camera for downloading pictures into your computer
  • E-Mailing or resizing of pictures for sending to friends and family
  • How to on transferring files to ensure you are getting the most out of your network
  • Virus Protection and Internet Security
  • Proper Email use
In-Shop Services & Repair:
RatRod Computer Repair has partnered with 2 local computer shops to provide in-shop services for our customers.
If you need in-shop service, one of our technicians will instruct you how to identify yourself as a RatRod Computer Repair customer when dropping-off your computer. Or for a small charge of $20 we will pick-up your computer, then deliver it back once your computer is finished being repaired/serviced - this includes connecting all cables and wires so that your computer is in working order when we deliver it.
If you want to bring your computer into the shop, please let your tech know and they will arrange a drop off with the shop.
Technology Center of Reno
1681 Glendale Ave., Sparks - at the SE corner of Glendale & Rock Blvd. (across from Baldini's)
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